Esther Anyanwu Empowerment Foundation since its inauguration on the 6th of August, 2010, has been able to make remarkable impacts in the lives of youths, widows and children in Nigeria, especially in Imo state where it is situated. We have been able to undertake the following:

1. We set up a sewing institute where some widows learned tailoring skills and are now gainfully employed as fashionista and designers in Owerri, Imo state. More women are undergoing training presently.

2. From the proceeds of our sewing institute, Esther Anyanwu Empowerment Foundation has donated a reasonable amount of money to widows, to enable them set up different small scale businesses for themselves like grocery shops, fruit shops, dry fish businesses, salons, fashion and designing outfits, and few others. (These events are seen on YouTube, some of our newspaper publications, and pictures on our website eaefreachyourdream.org)

3. We set up a dry cleaning and laundry outfit called “The Golden Child Dry Cleaning” where some indigent youths were gainfully employed in Owerri, Imo state.

4. From the proceeds of the dry cleaning and laundry outfit, EAEF gave scholarship awards to some indigent pupils in Owerri, to enable them complete their primary school education. (These events are seen in YouTube, some of our newspaper publications, and pictures on our website eaefreachyourdream.org)

5. Some youths in Imo state earned their living through the distribution and marketing of the large quantities of bed covers and blankets sewn by the widows in EAEF sewing institute. These goods were distributed mainly in hotels within and outside Imo state.

6. EAEF has trained a number of young ladies in hairdressing who today own their saloons and live better lives. More ladies are undergoing training presently.

7. EAEF has trained some young men in GSM  repairs who now earn a living through phone repairs in Imo state.

8. EAEF has also trained some young ladies in baking and catering services. Some of these ladies now run their own food shops in Imo state.

9. The foundation trained a number of youths in photography and video coverage. Some of these youths now earn their living by getting contracts to cover events during different occasions within and outside Imo state.

10. Esther Anyanwu Empowerment Foundation also set up a crèche located in our office No. 35 Lakenwaebere street Aladinma Housing Estate Owerri, where career mothers dropped their children daily for good care services at reduced fees.

11. EAEF trained a lot of teenagers in basketball and dance classes, especially students from Ikenegbu Girls’ Secondary School, Owerri.

12. EAEF(Sweden), known as Afrikansk Dansklubb has organised various dance classes and sport activities for immigrant children between the ages of 6 and 18 years old in Sweden.

13. EAEF AFRIKANSK DANSKLUBB, Sweden presented a 3 days fantastic dance program for children between the ages of 6 and 18 years old living in Södertälje Kommun or Stockhlom area. The program took place at Köpmansgatan (in front of Luna gallerian) Södertälje centrum from the 20th-22th July 2020( Kl 14 till Kl 16) daily.